Did you know that according to Positive Psychology and Happiness experts, there is a Happiness Formula that takes into consideration our genetics, life circumstances and choices?  It is:

H = S + C + V

Set Conditions are 50% of the contribution to our happiness.  This is related to our genetics.

Circumstances are responsible for 10% – this includes where we live, our age, our health, work conditions, culture, relationship status, etc.  Circumstances are what happens to us.

And the remaining 40% is related to our Voluntary Activities, our intentional choices – the way we respond to what happens.

I think it is fantastic that we have the ability to control 40% of the happiness formula.  Therefore, we all have the ability to affect our happiness by the daily choices we make.  Below I offer you 10 ways that you could increase your happiness!!!   — in no particular order —

1.  Living connected:  Get outside and stay connected to nature. 

2.  Living wholeheartedly: Spending time with those who support our life choices.

3.  Living physically:  Maintaining physical well-being – a healthy body contributes to a healthy mindset.

4.  Living with awareness:  Being in the moment and truly pay attention.

5.  Living and giving:  Doesn’t it feel good to give something to someone in need?  It could be as simple as a smile or a compliment or it could be donating your time or talents.

choose peace6.  Living authentically:  In my personal experience, as well as coaching others, people are happiest when they are living true to who they are. 

7.  Living with integrity:  Having moral principles will guide us to make more positive choices.

8.  Living kindly and compassionately:  Being kind to, and caring about, ourselves and others.

9.  Living with intention: Our intention creates our reality (Wayne Dyer).  Setting the intention to be happier, can lead to being happier.

10.  Living with gratitude:  Having appreciation and giving thanks can help us overcome feelings of unhappiness and can lead to increased happiness in our relationships.


Here are some other resources that might interest you as well as providing more details on the Happiness Formula.

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And I’ll end with the song/video that won Pharrell a Grammy, as well as a version that went viral:

Pharrell Williams – HAPPY

Detroit Elementary School cover HAPPY!


Make an amazingly happy day!


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