authenticity - b brownAuthenticity.  A collection of choices.  Show up.  Be real.  Be honest.  Let our true self be seen.

 This is, by far, the best definition of authenticity that I have read in all my years of studying spirituality.  We have the choice of how we show up when we are living our lives. It is about being vulnerable and not giving significant thought to what other people think because if we can’t be real, we can’t continue to grow, evolve, transform.

Yesterday I spent the day with an amazing group of women in the Yoga NH Teacher Training group in Littleton, NH.  As we went around the circle to re-connect since the last time we saw each other, each person shared what they are going through in their life and how they were feeling.  It is so powerful to sit and listen and connect in a way that we don’t typically take time to do in our ‘normal’ day to day life.  It is one of the reasons I feel honored to do the ‘work’ that I do – leading the Yoga NH TT programs throughout New Hampshire.  I am blessed to be part of student’s journey for a short, yet powerful time in their lives.  I see them show up, be real, be honest and most definitely – let their true selves be seen.

Whether it is a Yoga Training Program that is face-to-face, a spiritual book, an online course, life coaching, or something else that contributes to your spiritual growth (something that brings you closer to your true self, your soul), I encourage you to be curious about the process of awakening to the here and now, living in a way that you trust your intuition to ‘remember’, and make progress/movement toward exploring your life purpose and discovering what feeds your soul.


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