A post about Facebook, Elizabeth Gilbert, Trump, Refugees, my new friend, Esther, and being an American.

What do these all have in common?  I’ll get there in a minute. Let’s begin with Facebook.  I love Facebook.  Why?  Two words:  connection and inspiration.  Not only am I connected with family and friends who I don’t get to see as often as I would like, I am inspired daily by posts by amazing […]

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Cycles of the Moon

  Tomorrow, 11/11/15, is the day of the New Moon when the side of the moon that is facing Earth is not lit up by the Sun.  This time, when the Moon is not visible, is the beginning of a 30 day Moon Cycle.  The day of the New Moon is the significant for new […]

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I will forever be grateful to Dr. Wayne Dyer for his words of wisdom. What are you grateful for?

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Finding Balance

Here’s an article I was interviewed for in New Hampshire Homes:

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Life goes on

No matter what happens, or how bad today seems, life does go on and it gets better tomorrow. ~Dr. Maya Angelou This is one of these posts where I think to myself, someone needs to read this/see this pic/quote today and I am going to post it so they know they are not alone. Life […]

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  Living Life, Making CHOICES…. We each have the potential for our lives to be whatever we want them to be….. if we believe it is possible. Take a moment to sit and be still – meditate – and see what comes to you, imagine that anything is possible. When you truly believe, it will […]

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Letting Go!

And why, dear universe, do you keep bringing my awareness to quotes about Letting Go? I have a sense and know I need to go deeper to explore. And so I shall. Meditate. Put myself in a Restorative Yoga pose. Go for a walk. Talk to a trusted friend. And trust – that it will […]

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The Ocean

I have lived on the East Coast all of my life.  I grew up in Massachusetts and now reside in New Hampshire and I have always had easy access to the ocean. I looooove the ocean and can truly appreciate John F Kennedy’s words  – We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back […]

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Love is….

Love is…… beauty in nature the inquisitive face of a child you know understanding compassion peace being present – in this moment, right now.   Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. HL Mencken Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. H. Jackson Brown, Jr. We are born […]

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Grow. Let go. Change

The Untethered Soul is a great book for those who want to live with  more awareness and those on a spiritual quest.  I have had the book for years and recently recommended it to someone and then thought I would read it again.  I am about half way through and chuckle to myself about how books […]

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