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Life goes on

No matter what happens, or how bad today seems, life does go on and it gets better tomorrow. ~Dr. Maya Angelou This is one of these posts where I think to myself, someone needs to read this/see this pic/quote today and I am going to post it so they know they are not alone. Life […]

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Letting Go!

And why, dear universe, do you keep bringing my awareness to quotes about Letting Go? I have a sense and know I need to go deeper to explore. And so I shall. Meditate. Put myself in a Restorative Yoga pose. Go for a walk. Talk to a trusted friend. And trust – that it will […]

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Authenticity.  A collection of choices.  Show up.  Be real.  Be honest.  Let our true self be seen.  This is, by far, the best definition of authenticity that I have read in all my years of studying spirituality.  We have the choice of how we show up when we are living our lives. It is about […]

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10 ways to increase happiness!

Did you know that according to Positive Psychology and Happiness experts, there is a Happiness Formula that takes into consideration our genetics, life circumstances and choices?  It is: H = S + C + V Set Conditions are 50% of the contribution to our happiness.  This is related to our genetics. Circumstances are responsible for 10% […]

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Gratitude Journal Project

Recently in groups that I am leading (teacher trainings and my Graduate Project-Women, Spirituality & Well-being) and in private coaching sessions there seems to be a theme of GRATITUDE.  And so I want to share with you my idea of a Gratitude Journal Project – and it’s fitting that it is in this month, don’t […]

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The purpose of life…. via Meditation.

In my personal quest for understanding the purpose of life, I have done significant formal and informal study of yoga, coaching, reiki, shamanism and many more holistic modalities. In each of the modalities, the teacher will often express the importance of a daily meditation practice. Today is the first day of a 21-day Meditation Challenge […]

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Living Free

On, independence is described as freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.  This morning I read an article about why Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise – who knows if it’s the truth or not, but allow me to use it as an example that could be […]

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Be Who You Are!

Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” I’ve written about authenticity before and the topic came up again a couple of weeks ago during week one of the most recent Yoga & Wellness session that I am facilitating.  […]

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Living Life – a poem

LIVING LIFE Making choices, every day To live in alignment With what is real Making choices, every hour To exist with truth With what resonates Making choices, every minute To be in this world with integrity With what moves us Making choices, every single moment To notice the quality of our breath To be here […]

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