Are you ready to examine your life choices and make new choices that lead you toward a more balanced life?

Do you want to live with intention and discover what feeds your soul?

Are you stressed, worried or overwhelmed?  Are you experiencing anxiety?

Coaching can help!  You may be seeking balance due to a challenge in your life, a decision you need to make, a specific concern with your health, or something going on in your business/career – it does not matter where we begin because your life, health, and career/business are each a part of your life and we will ultimately discuss every aspect of who you are and what you do.

As your life/health/business coach it is Maureen’s intention to be with you on your journey as you investigate choices that brought you to where you are today, as you examine options toward change, and while you make choices to break through current challenges.

Maureen also leads workshops and e-courses for folks who want to learn more about integrating the body, mind and spirit because she feels that by finding balance in all areas of our lives and living in alignment with our core values, we can live an authentic life filled with intention and purpose.

And… if you are interested  in learning to be a coach, Maureen is affiliated with the Health, Yoga, Life ( Coaching Program in two ways:
- co-leading the Chakra session tele-class
- coaching participants
(including those that she refers to the program – for 10 coaching session — cost included in the program)

If you are looking for an exceptional Coaching Program, contact Maureen to hear about her experience with Health, Yoga, Life.

Photo credit: Olivia Barker (Maureen’s niece)

Life Coaching link
Business/Career Coaching link


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