Tomorrow, 11/11/15, is the day of the New Moon when the side of the moon that is facing Earth is not lit up by the Sun.  This time, when the Moon is not visible, is the beginning of a 30 day Moon Cycle.  The day of the New Moon is the significant for new beginnings and a time to reflect on what we want to manifest.  Can you take some time for yourself on 11/11 and perhaps sit in meditation/silence, then journal what you want for the coming month?

Here are the other phases of the moon, with dates for this specific month, and ways you may want to focus your energy during each phase of the Moon.

Waxing Crescent Moon (a small part, less than half, of the Moon is lit up and is slowly getting bigger during this time – up to half way illumination):
11/12-11/18 — time to set goals and intentions

First Quarter Moon (one half of the Moon is lit up by the Sun):
11/19 — best day to make decisions related what you intend to manifest

Waxing Gibbous Moon (half of the Moon is lit up and slowly getting bigger):
11/20-11/24 — adjust and refine your goals

Full Moon (the side of the Moon that is lit up by the Sun is facing the Earth and is entirely lit up on this day):
11/25 — goals come to conclusion (may not be within the same moon cycle); acknowledge and give thanks

Waning Gibbous Moon (the Moon is not all the way lit up by the Sun, and is getting slowly getting smaller):
11/26-12/2 — begin to ‘shed light’ on your intentions by sharing with others

Last Quarter Moon (half of the Moon is lit up by the Sun, yet the part we can see is getting smaller):
12/3 — release and let go of any attachment to your intention

Waning Crescent Moon (a small part of the Moon is lit up at this point and is getting smaller by the minute):
12/4-12/10 — surrender, rest and reduce your thinking as you recuperate and get ready for the next moon cycle/phase

Crescent:  phases when the moon is less than half illuminated
Gibbous:  phases where the moon is more than half illuminated
Waxing:  expanding in illumination
Waning:  decreasing in illumination

Photo credit:  Sharon Randolph (thank you, so very beautiful!)

Disclaimer:  I am someone who self-studies topics of interest and that is what I have done here.
The following websites are some of the resources used in creating this blog.
If you read anything that is not accurate, please let me know since I am not sure of the educational
status or expertise of the people who wrote the articles I reference below.  Thank you.

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