GratitudeRecently in groups that I am leading (teacher trainings and my Graduate Project-Women, Spirituality & Well-being) and in private coaching sessions there seems to be a theme of GRATITUDE.  And so I want to share with you my idea of a Gratitude Journal Project – and it’s fitting that it is in this month, don’t you think?

It can go something like this – modify as fits your relationship(s)/family:

– find a blank journal

– determine who you want to share this ‘project’ with and label it (for example if it is for you and your spouse, label it Joe and Mary’s Gratitude Journal or if it’s for you and your children, label it: Mom, Dad, Susie & Johnny’s Gratitude Journal)

– determine how often you will write in the journal (every day, once a week, spontaneously, etc.)

– leave the journal where everyone can easily access it

– when anyone enters into the book, they date it and then write the gratitude statement

This project is intended to keep families and loved ones interconnected and feeling supported during busy times in our lives and to also keep gratitude and love in the forefront – as the most important aspects of our relationships.

Even if we verbalize to others how much we appreciate them, opening a Gratitude Journal and seeing it in writing is pretty sweet.

Let me know what you think!

Peace & Love,



3 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal Project”

  1. I also realize that the make-up of families is not always Mom & Dad… so replace that with whatever the parent names are in your family:
    Mom & Mama
    Dad & Daddy
    Mom & Step-Dad (or step-dad’s name)

  2. Thanks, Kristy. It started with coaching people to do it in their relationships with partners or spouses, but as I shared it today with someone – I suddenly realized what a good idea is was to do for anyone in any relationship they treasure. We sometimes get so busy and take things for granted… working with gratitude and sharing with others is so powerful. It can be as simple, as ‘I am grateful that my husband made me tea this morning’ or as deep as ‘I am grateful to share my life with someone who is so thoughtful and kind.’

    In our house we have decided to do it spontaneously, when the feeling calls us to write and share. But in relationships where people are having challenges, I would encourage them to do it every single day so they can be aware of what they have in their lives that they may not notice unless they are paying attention in this way. Though there is the recognition the awareness may cause some to think about what they don’t have, the idea is to focus on positivity and allow that energy to hopefully move the relationship in a positive direction.

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