grow. let go. changeThe Untethered Soul is a great book for those who want to live with  more awareness and those on a spiritual quest.  I have had the book for years and recently recommended it to someone and then thought I would read it again.  I am about half way through and chuckle to myself about how books and concepts come to us exactly when we need them (even when they are a re-read).  The most recent chapters I read are about letting go and change.  The author, Michael Singer, writes about the ‘law’ of letting go:

‘The law is very straightforward: when your stuff gets hit, let it go right then because it will be harder later.  It won’t be easier if you explore it or play with it, hoping it will take the edge off.  It won’t be easier to think about it, talk about it, or try to release only part of it at a time.  If you want to be free to the core of your being, you must let go right away because it will not be easier later.’

Wait?  What?  Don’t process our stuff?

Singer goes on to write: ‘In order to live this law, you have to understand its principles.  First, you must be aware there is something within you that needs to be released.  you must then be aware that you, the one who notices the stuff coming up, are distinct from what you are experiencing.  You are noticing it, but who are you?  This place of centered awareness is the seat of the witness, the seat of the Self.’

Sound like how Gary Zukav describes ‘the seat of the soul’.  All the spiritual teachers are saying the same thing and when we live with awareness and intention – we embrace the concepts that serve us at this time in our journey.  So, Singer’s Law of Letting Go may resonate with you or it may not – makes no difference.  Be curious about what comes up and if you want/need to process it, do that.  If you are able to immediately let it go, do that.

Singer also wrote: ‘The natural ups and downs of life can either generate personal growth or create personal fears.  Which of these is dominate is completely dependent upon how we view change.’

I strongly suggest this book for anyone who is on the path of discovering what feeds their soul and those who want to let go of fears that get in the way.



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