Here’s to blogging more in 2014!


Will this be the year that I will finally blog more?

I want to – I really do.

Here are some blog topics that I have been thinking about in the past few years.  It’s about time I started writing them, right?

What three do you think I should start with?

-        The awesomeness of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.   (Yes, I am excited they are hosting again.)

-        Intuition.  What is it and how to trust it.

-        The Path of Transformation.

-        Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Henry David Thoreau

-        TED Talks

-        looking at a problem as an opportunity

-       Yoga Teachers going rogue in other yoga teacher’s yoga classes.

-        The Soul of Business

-        Discover What Feeds Your Soul

-        Spirituality, Empowerment & Well-Being

-        Choices

-        Holding the Space for others

-        Allowing, not striving

-        The permanence of putting stuff on the internet

-        Dreams

-        Warm Childhood Memories

-        Stories we create in our minds

-        Expectations

-        Amazing Women

-        Mothers & Daughters

-        Mothers & Sons

-        Rear View Mirror

-        Releasing old, negative patterns that no longer serve us

-        Living Your Life List

-        So, you want to be a yoga teacher?

-        Famous lines from movies

-        Kick the Can

-        Complementary and Alternative Medicines

-        Nappy Yoga

-        Synchronicity

-        Meet People Where They Are At.

-        The effect of music

-        Multitasking vs Being Present

-        Family Drama

-        What you think of me is none of my business

-        Aging Gracefully

-        Obsession with celebrity

-        Life Lessons



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