No matter what happens, or how bad today seems, life does go on and it gets better tomorrow.
~Dr. Maya Angelou

This is one of these posts where I think to myself, someone needs to read this/see this pic/quote today and I am going to post it so they know they are not alone.

Life ebbs and flows – we have ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days, we are happy and we are sad, we get angry and we are joyful.  It’s yin, it’s yang – the balance of life.  We cannot truly know happiness unless we know what it feels like to be sad.  And so, as we learn to live in the present moment and not lean in to the drama of a situation or day, we notice that when we lean back and observe and be curious about our emotions . . . then react from that place, the outcome is usually a much more positive experience.

On June 13th – from 1-4pm – Jenny Wan and I will lead a workshop on the Tao de Ching.  We will discuss the beautiful ancient text, lead the group through a couple of experiential exercises, journal, meditate, and then go through an asana/posture yoga practice to experience how it feels in our body to live at this level of awareness.  We hope you can join us, but if not – stay tuned, we also plan to create an 8-week yoga class focused on the same principals as the workshop.

Stay present.
Be curious.
Live with awareness.
And know – life goes on, it does get better.

Peace & Love,

Thank you to Sharon Randolph for the beautiful photo.


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