Life Coaching Sessions: Examining life choices, learning to trust your intuition

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that.
Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.  ~Howard Thurman

During coaching sessions with Maureen (in person or via telephone or Skype) you will explore various aspects of your life to work toward  finding balance in all areas of your life with the intention to live in alignment with your core values and to live a life filled with intention and purpose.  You will be guided to investigate decisions that brought you to where you are today and as you examine options and make choices to break through current challenges.  Coaching sessions may include conversations about:


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·         Your social life – having fun
·         Your relationship – cultivating connection
·         Your financial life – living abundantly
·         Your relationships – living in community
·         Your personal and spiritual development – continuing to learn and grow
·         Your health –  integrating body, mind & spirit
·         Your career/business – finding work that is authentic to who you are and what you want to bring to your family, your life, your community, your world

15 Simple Tips to Balance Body, Mind & Spirit ~ via MindBodyGreen


Discovering What Feeds Your Soul Package, $1,199
one 50-minute session, once a week for 12 weeks;
then one 50-minute session every other week for 8 weeks (4 sessions)
total of 16 sessions

Learning to Trust Your Intuition Package, $959
twelve (12)  50-minute session, once a week or every other week

Finding Your Balance Package, $339
one 50-minute session, once a week for 4 weeks or 4 sessions over any period of time

One time Strategy Session, $99
one 50-minute session

E-mail Maureen at: to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

Certified Professional Coach  ~  University of New Hampshire
Certified Positive Psychology Coaching ~ Wholebeing Institute
Certified Health Coach  ~  THE HYL Method

photo credit:  Meeghan Mahoney Jones, my cousin – while in Japan

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