What are SPY sessions all about?  I get many requests from students who want to learn more about Yoga & Spirituality – living life on & off the mat. They aren’t quite sure if they want to sign up for the Teacher Training Program (or know they do not want to), yet they know they want to live life with more intention and purpose. They want to explore their life choices – and they know that being on the mat contributes to this curiosity. They want to be in community with like-minded people.  So, if you want to live with more awareness and make mindful choices about your life (work, relationships, finances, etc.), then join us for one, some or all of the below sessions.

Peace, ~Maureen

Each session will include topic information, quotes/readings, group discussion,
practice (which may include Asana/postures, Meditation, Mindful Art, Mudras – it will vary from session to session) and more!
All dates noted below are Wednesdays and the time for each session will be 6:30-8:30pm

more information HERE!

June 7: Integrity & Authenticity

no session in July

August 2: Connection & Community

September 6: Intuition

October 4: Life Purpose

November 1: Mindfulness & Being present

December 20: Wholeness & Inner Peace