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Webster’s online describes well-being as:  the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.
Free Dictionary online describes it as:  the condition of being contented, healthy, or successful.

We examine different aspects of our lives (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, career/business, relationships, financial, health) to determine our level of well-being.  We can also look at our lives holistically and seek to find balance of all aspects of our lives with the goal of decreasing stress and increasing happiness.

Do you want to live your life on purpose, with intention?  You may have seen glimpses in your life where you live your life on purpose, you may be living in full alignment with your core values or this may all be new to your way of thinking.  Wherever you are at is perfect – this website and Maureen’s services are for anyone who is dealing with change in their life or for those who simply want to pay more attention to their life choices and live life with well-being as a priority moving toward discovering what feeds your soul.


photo credit:  Azanna Wishart

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