A new website has been created for WPCs – www.womens-power-circles.com

Focus for each Session – a holistic exploration of both your personal and professional existence
Session 1:  Connection (to the circle, to your community, to your life, to your work, to the world)
Session 2:  Vision-Mission (for your life, your work)
Session 3:  Intention (breaking down the vision and mission into intentions, goals and action steps)
Session 4:  Authenticity (how you show up in your life and work)
Session 5:  Owning Your Power (including awareness of energy – in life, in work, with others)
Session 6:  Integration and Inspiration (how to integrate what you learned in the past 4 months into your life and work)



To sign up you are committing to:
–  being curious (about everything)
– having the desire to live on purpose and have your life and work matter
–  be open and share with other amazing, empowered women
– the willingness and desire to take time away from everything else in your busy life so you can evolve, grow and transform (personally and professionally)

Intentions for the WPC Sessions – all relate to your personal and professional aspects of your life (it is all connected)
– small groups of women (max 8) meeting 6 times in 4 months
– to state and honor Your Story
– to create community and a support system with like-minded women who also want to take their life or business/career to the next level
– to inspire and be inspired by amazing women who have the intention to live authentically and mindfully and want to continue to integrate that into their lives and work in a meaningful way
– to enhance your life and business/career by setting, reviewing, modifying and attaining life and business goals:  both personally and professionally
– to be with a powerful, connected group of supportive women who will help you attain your goals by providing support, encouragement, inspiration and accountability
– to focus on the present moment and goals for now/today, as well as your Vision for the Future, including your Personal Mission Statement
– to recognize, honor and celebrate the impact you have on others



story of your life

What you will take away from the sessions:
– a deeper sense of who you are and what you want to offer those you are in relationship with in your day-to-day life and work life
– techniques to make life and work decisions more mindfully and intentionally
– a list of your most important goals and an attainable plan to be successful
– be keenly aware of your strengths and your power, as well as growth opportunities
– be more mindful of emotional reactions and decisions that do not serve your life and/or work
– a sense of community, new friendships that will offer you support after the sessions are complete


Testimonial from a recent participant:

I joined the WPC group in 2016.  I have been in my career for 12 years, and while I know that I’m good at it, I also knew and wanted fresh ideas and support with making changes to refine my business and regain more confidence in my field- but also as a woman in today’s world.  I attend the first WPC meeting very unsure as to how to ask for this help; and I left the last WPC meeting with a support system of smart, kind, giving, nurturing, and BAD-ASS women that taught me incredible ways to communicate- both about my struggles AND my strengths.  I learned how to be more confident, more open to new ideas and approaches for marketing myself, and while I absorbed all of this “new”ness, I was also giving advice and support to the other women in our group for their careers.  This was a special journey that not only helped my business, but it helped my soul. I would encourage any business woman, whether looking to boost their current career or a seek a new one, join this group for unparalleled support and insight!  Kaitlin W