200-hour Yoga NH Teacher Training – Concord NH

200-hour Yoga NH Teacher Training – Concord NH

at Living Yoga, with Beth-Aime Labonte (bio)

with Maureen Miller (bio) leading some sessions – see below.

The Information Session was in October  – Beth-Aime is now setting up individual meetings with those interested in the program.



Humanity is shifting into higher consciousness and Yoga creates a sacred place to explore this expansion.
As we find balance, learn to trust our intuition, and go with the flow – we discover what feeds our soul and we embody truths that manifest us to our
highest potential and connect us to one another in a meaningful way.

Yoga NH’s Teacher Training/Develop Your Practice (TT/DYP) Programs are designed for students who want to become yoga teachers as well as for those who are interested in deepening their personal practice.  Howard Thurman said ‘Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes  you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs now is people who have come alive.’  When you join the Yoga NH TT/DYP Program you begin to examine your life choices and notice what makes you come alive.  It is so much more than learning to teach yoga.

The Yoga NH’s 200-hour TT/DYP Program foundations includes the 8-limbs of Yoga, the 7 main Chakra System, Anatomy of the Spirit and Asana Exploration – including teaching all levels, modifications, alignment, adjusts/assists, sequencing, and practice teaching.

The 8-limbs of Yoga:
Yamas – examination of ethical disciplines
NiYamas – self-observation and study; self-discipline in body, mind & spirit
Asana – postures
Pranayama – breathing with intention and awareness
Pratyhara – withdrawal of the senses
Dharana – concentration
Dhyana – meditation
Samadhi – liberation, enlightenment

The 8-limbed path of Yoga is a yogic system that can have a profound impact on the choices we make, how we act and react to circumstances and people in our lives and it has the possibility to transform our lives on and off the mat.

In this program there is a need for the commitment to live mindfully and be open to what arises.  This is why the program is open to all – those who want to teach and those who want to examine life and deepen their yogic practice.


Three components to the program:

1)  Monday night weekly sessions from 6:15-8:45pm

2)  5-day session – July 15th – 19th
(Wednesday – Friday is practice teaching for all and the weekend is with all 200-hour programs, see below)

3)  weekend dates with all Yoga NH 200-hour programs
led by Maureen, Yoga NH Program Directors (including Beth-Aime) and 500-hour students

January 10th (Saturday at NH Audubon), April 11-12th (Saturday at NH Audubon and Sunday at Living Yoga), July 18th-19th(Saturday and Sunday at NH Audubon), and August 16th (Sunday at NH Audubon)


2015 cost/investment options:

1)  pay all at once, early bird rate of $2,299
2)  deposit of $499 and 8 monthly payments (Jan – Aug) of $250 for a total of $2,499.

Payment links can be found HERE!

payment options above do not include the following:

** $250 for the online Anatomy Module fee: Leslie Kaminoff of Yoga Anatomy
includes access for 12 months ~ this low payment option is
ONLY available through yoga teacher training programs
(paid to Yoga NH prior to the start of the program)

** 25 hours of outside workshops  
(that you have previously done and want to apply to the program or hours you plan to take that will focus on the specific focus/audience you want to teach)

** Yoga books required for the training

** Yoga Insurance – required toward the end of the program when practice teaching

** RYT  (Registered Yoga Teacher) fee with Yoga Alliance


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