Do I need to know if I want to teach in order to join the program?
No.  Many students are unsure about whether or not they want to teach when they join the program.  The desire to increase your knowledge about all aspects of yoga is the only criteria to join the 200 hour program.  And completion of a 200 hour program is required to join the 500 hour program (which is a 300 hour program).  Both programs are also for students who want to develop their practice, learn about yoga and those who think, or know, they want to teach yoga. 

How long should I have been practicing yoga to join the 200 hour program?
The 200 hour program is designed to meet students where they are at.  It is good to have a foundation to start from, but not necessary.  In fact, the current Living Yoga owner started practicing yoga at the same time that she joined the teacher training/develop your practice program.  There is not a pre-requisite to have been practicing for a certain amount of time to join the program. 

Can I try a class to see what I think before joining?
Absolutely!  Once you express an interest in the program, we invite you to take one of our classes for free so you can come and see the studio and we can meet so you can see if our style of teaching suits what you are looking for in a program.

Can I get a reference from a graduate of your program?
Yes, any of the graduates would be happy to meet with you or talk to you on the phone.

Can I enter the program at any point during the year?
Only for the 200 hour Concord program!  One of the advantages of that program is the flexibility to join when YOUR schedule allows.

Isn’t it distracting to not have all students begin and end the program together?
 We have been doing it this way for 8 years and it has been wonderful. We agree there is something to be said for a cohesive group that is together for the entire time period, however the 200 hour Concord program it ebbs and flows.  That is what our practice, our program our lives are about – going with the ebb and flow of life and so, it does work very well.

The Nashua program, which begins in January 2014, will have the same group of students from start to finish.

If I am already an RYT200 and teaching yoga, why would I consider signing up for the 500 hour program?
- With so many yoga teachers and more availability to teach, some locations may be more likely to hire a yoga teacher who has a higher level of training.
To develop your own practice further, thereby offering more to your students.
- To advance your knowledge of certain techniques.

Most students who graduated from the 200 hour program have expressed the excitement of their own transformation during the program.  The 500 hour program will be another level of learning, growing, transforming.  Living life on and off the mat at a deeper level…. determining what feeds your soul – teaching and personally.

What else can you tell me about Yoga NH’s program?

The main philosophy themes from the programs are:

-          Meet students where they are at!  This applies to you – the students in the program and serves as foundation about how we suggest you lead classes for students you might eventually teach.

-          Take what resonates for you – not all of what we say will resonate for you – it is your journey – we am here to walk with you for a short time during your yoga journey.  Some of what we say will resonate and fit for what you want to integrate into your practice or your teaching and some might not.  It is your responsibility to be open, reflect and make choices that fit for what is important to you in your practice and as a teacher.

-      The Wolfeboro 200 hour program and the Londonderry 500 hour program will both include a Native American component as well as Reiki.  If you are signing up for the 500 hour program and you are not yet a Reiki I graduate, please let us know so you can sign up for Reiki I with Stacey prior to the start of the 500 hour program.

-          A ‘Wayne Dyer’ approach to philosophy – keep it simple and allow people the opportunity to absorb information/teachings at their own pace.  Live the 7 faces of Intention:  creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansiveness, abundance and receptivity.

-          Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga – Pure Potentiality, Giving, Karma, Intention & Desire, Detachment, Dharma/our purpose in life.

-          Alliance for a New Humanity philosophy – Transform, Serve, Connect.


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