Why choose Yoga NH TT?

There are many teacher training programs in NH area to choose from, why choose Yoga NH?

The Yoga NH TT program will begin it’s 10th year in 2015.

We have learned from every year the program has run and have refined it over the years.
We know our program is exceptional and are here to serve you and to hold the space for you to have an amazing experience.

Yoga NH is the only NH program that has FIVE 200-hour program locations.   We are the ONLY program that brings programs together so that students can connect with yogis from around the State.  We are proud of what we have accomplished and know it serves our students well.  You can choose from an evening, weekly program, 6-day intensive, or a weekend, monthly program.  The Concord, Nashua, Littleton and Portsmouth programs include 5 weekend dates where we all come together to learn, connect, celebrate and BE!

The 200-hour program have two entry points in 2015, you can join us beginning in January OR September!


When pricing our programs we take into consideration what other programs are charging as well as our expertise and what it takes to effectively run the program.  Also, we offer early bird discounts and payment plans to accommodate students financial needs.


This is the 10th year of Yoga NH’s Teacher Training Program and we learn something new each year, which we integrate into the following year.  Additionally, all Yoga NH Program directors own a yoga studio and understand the logistics of running a business and that is important when running a yoga teacher training program.  In terms of our experience as yoga teachers and  with the yoga teacher training, we have many references that we can provide, at your request.  Some comments can be found on the website and you can also check out our bios.


We mentor all graduates of the program.  So while you are in the program, we work with you to make sure you are getting what you need for the population you think you will want to teach.  And when you graduate, we are available to answer questions and give advice about how to open a studio, how to market yourself as an individual teacher who teaches at multiple locations, etc.  And if/when you encounter situations that require more than a quick phone call or email, Maureen is available for Life and Business/Career Coaching.

Group Headstand State House
Group Headstand on the State House Lawn

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